It happened. It was bound to happen at some point, but still it shook me up. My little boy got hurt/scared today. Not only that, but it was my little girl’s fault. He was playing on his play mat very happily, and she leaned over it to talk to him. Wanting to play with her brother, Leah grabbed one of the hanging toys, but then she accidentally let go of it and it came swinging back and hit Christopher in the face. It was purely by accident, and it was a soft toy and did not really hurt him, but it scared him and he screamed. I was sitting right there and immediately snatched my baby up to comfort him.

My very first instinct was to yell at Leah. It didn’t matter that she is one of my babies- she hurt my other baby and I wanted to cry and yell and blame. But, I didn’t. I took a deep breath, and spent a moment calming Christopher down. It took surprisingly long considering that he was not actually hurt.

I then turned to look at Leah, and saw the look of terror mixed with remorse that was on her face. And then I remembered all the times I accidentally bumped her head getting her into the car or even on a wall walking by. I am sure those times are to come with Christopher as well. As much as we want to be Super Mom and never see our kids hurt, it happens to the best of us. We feel horrible, but they are okay.

I assured Leah that it was just an accident, and that while she needs to be careful with the little guy, he was not hurt and she was not in trouble. She buried her face in the couch for a moment, but then I showed her that he was okay and encouraged her to give him a kiss. We all moved on, crises averted, and I hugged both of my sweet babies.

When I was a little girl and one of my toys broke I would bring it to my Dad, who always found a way to mend it. He would ask me, “What can Daddies fix?” and I would answer, “Anything!” I remember the first time I had a broken heart and he told me how sad he was that he can’t fix everything anymore.

I never thought I would be experiencing that feeling when my daughter is only four. My husband and I have diligently fixed everything from Barbie heads and legs, to scraped knees. But today, for the first time, I was not able to fix something for Leah.

I took her to the playground because it is one of the first beautiful days here in NY. Because it is Spring break, there were tons of kids there. Many of them were older, but a few were her age. She found three little girls who she tried desperately to play with, but they kept brushing her off. I watched it all happen from where I sat with Christopher in the shade, but there was nothing I could do. If I was the type of mom to say something (which I am not) it would not have taught my daughter a thing. But still, this was a lesson that I didn’t really want her to learn.

She followed them around for a good half hour (she is determined), but to no avail. The girls kept walking away from her. When we came home, she tearfully told me that she just wanted to play with them, but they told her the tree they were sitting under was private and she could have her very own rock, about 100 yards away from them. What could I do? What could I say to make it better?

I told Leah that she is an awesome little girl. There will be kids who will play with her and be her friend and that is amazing. But there will also be kids who are not willing to let in an outsider, and when that happens those kids are the ones missing out. She smiled sadly. She understood what I meant, but it didn’t take away the sting of rejection.

I guess I handled it to the best of my ability. As a mom, we all think our own kid is great and it is hard to fathom that anyone would not want to know them. Moms and Dads, how would you have handled it?

Leah informed me today that the voices in her head were arguing with one another. I figured it was something she heard on tv. Later, however, she randomly started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“One of the voices in my head just told me a really funny joke!”


Preschool Musical

Tonight I asked Leah to tell me about her day. She immediately broke out into song. She musically described her entire day to me, complete with dramatic inflections.

My daughter is amazing.

Leah on Love?

Today I had to run into the fabric store for supplies to make Christopher some new swaddle blankets, as he has already outgrown his. I left the kids and Dave in the car, as I was just running in quickly. This is, apparently, the convsersation that transpired in my absence.

Leah: Mommy is taking forever.

Dave: Yes, she is. She should be out soon.

Leah: Yeah. Or maybe she ran off with someone else.

Dave: She better not have!

Leah: Then you’d have to go after her.

I have said it before, and I know I will say it again, but “WHERE DOES SHE GET THIS STUFF?”


Leah has been wanting to watch this show on Netflix called “Color Crew”. It is very much meant for babies, not big girls who are almost five. I, however, secretly love that she is watching it. I love that my little girl can still be completely entranced by something so babyish. In fact, I delight in it.

Leah may be going to school in the fall. She may be the older sibling, my sidekick, and my fashionista. She may give me attitude and tell me that “parents are so lame.” But, some part of her still has just a smigde of baby left. And I get to see that part when she watches “Color Crew”. So, I endure the annoying little crayon voices, the repetitive music, and the mind numbing boringness of the plot (if you can call it a plot).

Celeb Baby Names

I am already convinced that Leah is going to be some sort of performer when she grows up. She has both drama and comedy down pat. Today, however, it was confirmed that she will indeed be a celebrity when she named one of her baby dolls Blue Dandelion.Image


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