A Failed Attempt

Yesterday we decided that when Leah wakes up at night we are not going to go in and rock her back to sleep anymore. This is because for the past 3 or so weeks she has been waking up every single night around an hour after going to bed. One of us would go in and rock her back to sleep. Sometimes it took doing this 3 or 4 times before she was down for the night. We haven’t sat down and watched tv or a movie together in nearly a month. It is just getting out of hand!

Leah went to bed last night at 8:30. Sure enough, at 9:08 we heard her begin to fuss. This was it, and we were determined to be strong. We had agreed not to enter her room unless she started really crying, which of course, she did. Dave went in the room first. He tried for 10 minutes to calm her down, but to no avail. It was my turn.

I stood at the side of her crib for 20 minutes. I rubbed her head, rubbed her back, hummed, and talked softly. At times she would seem to be asleep. I would quietly begin to walk to the door, but halfway there she would be crying again. Finally, she began to throw a tantrum. She would not stay laying down. She cried and held her arms out to me. Dave came in and I went back out to the livingroom to cry. It was all my fault, and all she wanted was to be cuddled by me.

We continued taking turns until 10:30 when I realized that Leah’s diaper was pretty wet. I finally took her out of the crib to change her. I couldn’t stand the thought of putting her back in and starting the crying all over again. So, I sat in the rocking chair and cuddled my baby back to sleep. She won. Tonight there will be a rematch.


One thought on “A Failed Attempt

  1. Aww…I know that awful feeling. Even though you know for a fact that they will be ok and nothing is going to happen to them you still have to be there and give them the attention and affection that they want…I went through it with Nate when I was pregnant with Dylan and I hated every second of it. I would sit in either the livingroom or bedroom while Scott would try to console him…then we went through it with Dylan as well…it is a hard thing to do but in the end it all works out great…eventually they both fell asleep on their own without us even having to be in the room! Hehehe…by the way I love this blogging idea…I think it is great and you write so well! Love ya!

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