Little Pink Lines

I will never forget the day that I took my pregnancy test. I was only one day late, and Dave wanted me to wait until the following week to do it, but when he went to work I went out and bought two tests. I took one and could only see a very faint pink line. I wasn’t sure what that meant. I called Dave to tell him and was having a bit of a panic attack.

Dave was stuck at work, but he made a call to my best friend, Kelly. He did not tell her what was going on, only that I was at home and could use a friend. Twenty minutes later she showed up at my door with ice cream. That is Kelly…not only is she there when needed, but she always brings ice cream, too!

We sat and talked for about an hour before she finally asked what was going on.

“I took a pregnancy test and I think it may be positive, but I’m not sure.” I told her.

“You let me sit here and talk for an hour and you didn’t tell me that?” She said.

I showed her the test and told her that I planned to wait to take the second one. She promptly talked me into taking it right then and there. She actually stood and watched the test under a lamp as it happened. She watched the little pink lines as they appeared and told me that it was most definitely positive. Finally, Kelly told me that it was okay and that I would be a great mom. She was excited.

My best friend was the first person to know I was pregnant. She was the first person to make me feel excited instead of feeling like I had screwed up. She was one of only two close friends who continued to be my friend throughout the pregnancy. She did not let it freak her out. Instead she brought me ice cream (after calling to see what cravings I had that week), she went shopping for maternity clothes and nursing bras. And to top it all off she waited at the hospital all night for my daughter to be born.

Hats off to you, Kelly. No one deserves to be Leah’s godmother more than you do. I couldn’t ask for a better friend…after all, who else would stand there staring hard at a stick that I had peed on seconds before just hoping to see some pink lines?


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