Letting Go

So far I have written three entries and only had one hit on my blog. That one hit was my best friend, the only person who knows about the blog right now. I have debated about putting a link on my facebook page.

The truth is that it is a little bit scary. My writing is so much more open than I tend to be in person. Do I really want to be this raw for people I know to see? If I write about some stupid thing that I do, do I want them all to know?  The answer to that is yes. For me, writing is easier than speaking. It is the best way that anyone could ever get to know me. So, I am just going to have to let go of my fear and share my blog with the world.

Dave just asked me if anyone looks at this and when I told him no he said, “So…you’re kind of just blogging for yourself right now?” I AM blogging for myself, but not JUST for myself. I am doing this to share my stories, my trials and tribulations, heartaches, and laughs with anyone who cares to read.

Well, Leah is getting into stuff on the desk now…


4 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Wow! I am so happy you are doing this and being so honest and open. You may have felt like a total screw up, but you are the most audacious mom and Dave is a super dad. Things have a way of working out, don’t they?

    Told ya so!

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