Let the Games Begin!

Leah has started throwing tantrums already. She is only 10 months old. It usually happens when she is tired. Or when she doesn’t get her own way or doesn’t want to eat whatever I have given her. Oh yeah, and when I am getting her dressed.

She will throw herself down, or if I am holding her arch her back. She screams and wiggles and kicks at me. It’s awesome. At first I would say dumb things such as “Leah, no-no!” or “You need to stop.” This only seemed to anger her more.

Last night she had a real humdinger of a tantrum. I was cuddling with her, trying to get her in the mood for sleep. She did not want to be cuddled, apparently. She started screaming and hitting at me and trying to get out of my arms. So, instead of saying anything I just put her down on the floor and ignored her.

She did her thing for about 5 minutes and then began to calm down. She layed there on the floor quietly soothing herself. I continued to ignore her, not wanting to reward her behavior. Then a miraculous thing happened. Leah got herself up and hugged my leg for a minute. Then she crawled away and went back to happily playing.

My daughter apologized to me, in her own way. I guess I have found a good strategy for dealing with her tantrums, at least for now.


One thought on “Let the Games Begin!

  1. Way to go Gina! Leah will test you in many ways and she needs to know that no matter what you are there to give her a hug… sound like anyone else in your life?!! That’s the unconditional love of mommyhood and hugs are definitely part of the unspoken language. You are so lucky to have each other… and Dave too.

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