A Bad Mommy Moment

Wow, two posts in one day! I had to share a bad mommy moment that I had today. Leah slept twelve hours last night, which was great. However, this meant that she woke up with a sodden diaper and a very red bottom. So, I decided to let her be naked for a while before getting her dressed. The best thing for diaper rash is to air it out, and she loves being naked anyway.

I pretty much figured that she was going to pee on the floor. It happens every time that she is naked, and I just keep a spray bottle of Resolve on hand for this purpose. What I never could have guessed is that she would pee today at the exact moment that I turned my back to grab a roll of paper towels. I also never would have guessed that she would pee, not on the rug, but on the linoleum kitchen floor.

Well, that’s what happened, and she was standing up when it happened. So, of course, she slipped in her own pee and landed flat on her back. It might have knocked the wind out of her for a second, but mostly it just scared the heck out of her. I dropped the paper towels and ran over to Leah, picking her up and not caring that she was soaked.

Once she was comforted and calm, it began to dawn on me that her pee was not only all the way up her back, but in her hair as well. Oh, and on my shirt, too. I turned on the shower and we both got in!

So, what did I learn from this? Never leave a naked baby unattended in the kitchen!


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