Turning One is Fun!

Yesterday my daughter turned eleven months old. That means that we are only four weeks away from her being a year old. The time has gone by so quickly! Everyone told me that it would, but you don’t really believe that until you experience it.

I want to have a party for Leah, of course. Here is the problem: I have a huge family and not much money! I have two choices and they are keep it to immediate family, or invite everyone but don’t serve a meal. I am not sure which to do, but I had better decide quickly.

I am also stressing out over gifts. I want her to have some special, sentimental things from Dave and I. I am sure that she will get tons of toys and clothes, but I want her to have things that she will always keep from us. I got her a beautiful music box already. It plays “You Are My Sunshine”, my favorite lullaby to sing to her. I also wanted to make her a scrapbook and a slide show with all the best pictures of her first year of life. Who has time to do all this with a curious little one crawling around getting into stuff?

I really need to take a deep breath, relax, and reflect on what an amazing year that I have had with my daughter. That is what her turning one is really about. Parties and gifts are great, but to truly celebrate my daughter I need to de-stress and just enjoy what a wonderful little person she is becoming!


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