I’ve Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Yesterday began as a somewhat normal day. Dave, Leah and I were cuddling on the couch, watching the news and still waking up when my grandmother came knocking on the door. She asked Dave what had happened to his car. We all went running out to find that his windshield and 4 windows had been shattered with BB guns. Dave went to get his phone so that he could call the police, and that is when I noticed that two windows on my own car had also been shattered.

My first thoughts went to who would do such a thing. Who could be so cruel and insensitive to go up and destroy the property of someone else. The cops told Dave that there were about 15 reports from our neighborhood of shattered car windows. It is a good neighborhood and I don’t think anyone would expect something like this to happen.

We filed a report and were told that if the little shits who did this were caught they would definitely be brought up on felony charges and made to pay for the damage.

Then came another blow; Dave called our insurance company only to find that glass was not covered on our policy. We would have to pay for the repairs out of our own pockets. We made all the arrangements to have it done anyway and did whatever else we could to wrap things up.

We were left sitting in our livingroom, still in our pajamas, feeling quite demoralized. Suddenly, from one corner of the livingroom, Leah let go of the couch and took no less than six whole steps into the middle of the room, all done with a huge grin on her face. She had chosen this desolate day to perform a small miracle. She chose a day when her Daddy was home to see it, and when we both really needed some cheering up.

Tears in my eyes, I applauded and congratulated my baby girl. My little sunshine.



I know that some of you are wondering how Leah’s “sleep training” is going, so I will start with that. She has been doing great overall. We still have some nights that are better than others. For the most part, she does not cry other than right when we are putting her down and she is asleep within a half hour. Last night she cried for half an hour, and I felt like we took two steps back. She also woke up at 12, and again at 5. It wasn’t one of the better nights, but I am confidant that progress is continuing to be made.

What I really want this post to be about is wedding dresses! Last week Kelly took me to David’s Bridal to try some on. As we entered the store, I felt a little excited, but mostly kind of dreaded it. I thought that I was going to hate how everything looked because I am not happy with my body.

Boy was I wrong! Wedding dresses seem to possess some kind of magic that makes them look completely flattering no matter what kind of body type you are. I am not saying that every single dress I tried on looked amazing, but I did fall in love with three of them. Also, I still would like to lose some weight before our (hopefully) November wedding, but if I don’t lost much I will still be happy with the way I look in my dress.

The first dress I fell for is ivory and covered in beautiful lace. As I stood in the mirror admiring myself, the sales girl came over and put a veil on me. I looked at Kelly, who actually had tears in her eyes, and for the first time I really felt like a bride. I was able not only to imagine a wonderful wedding, but a wonderful marriage as well.

I still don’t know how we are going to pull this wedding off, but now I am determined to do it!

An Amusing Parental Anecdote

Leah is strong-willed. She is still really giving me a run for my money when it comes to bedtime. She likes to change it up on me when I least expect it. Most of the time she just fights me on going to bed. I start trying at eight o’clock and she finally goes to sleep anywhere between eleven and one in the morning. Every once in a while she will lull me into a false sense of security by going to bed really easily. She will then wait until I have just about drifted off in my own bed to wake up and cry. It will take about two hours to get her back to sleep again on these occasions.

Last night I managed to get her down at eleven (yay an early night). It wasn’t until I was putting her down in the crib that I noticed the smell of poo. I pulled the diaper out a bit, and sure enough, she had filled it! It had just taken me hours to get her to sleep and now I had to change her diaper.

I ran to the bedroom to see what Dave thought we should do. Obviously, I wasn’t going to leave her in a dirty diaper all night, I just needed to figure how to go about changing it without waking her!

Dave said he could reach down into the crib and do it from there. I was skeptical, but agreed to hold the flashlight and wipes. So at eleven fifteen at night, we crept quietly into our daughter’s room and Dave very stealthily untaped her diaper. I handed him the wipes and held the flashlight at the perfect angle to illuminate her bottom, but not get the light into her eyes.

It worked. Leah slept until seven this morning. I definitely find this to be one of our more amusing experiences as parents, but it also reinforced what a great team we make together. Perfect timing since we just decided to start planning our wedding.

Getting Peed On…

I am sick of writing about Leah’s sleep habits at the moment, so I though I would amuse you all with the fact that before Leah was born I had never been touched by another person’s pee. Well, there was one time when I got my baby brother out of the bath, but it definitely could have been just the water from the tub…

Anyway, since Leah’s birth I have certainly gotten my share of pee. There was the time when she nearly broke my cell phone. It was in my pocket and I was about to give her a bath and she peed all down my side. The phone starting spazzing out and flashing all these weird screens! That was pretty darn hilarious. It did, however, dry out.

Leah is not the only child that has peed on my recently, either. When I went to the circus with the daycare I work for, one of the little girls there was sitting on my lap. She is about 18 months old. Anyway, I was getting into the show and marveling at how well behaved she was, when I suddenly felt a warm spot spreading out on my leg…

And just today, I was sitting on a towel at the edge of the pool with Leah. We had our feet in the water and she was just wearing her bathing suit with no diaper. I suddenly felt the towel underneath me get all warm and wet. At least I just had to scoot into the pool to rinse off this time!

Ok, hope you all got a laugh and a good break from all the Ferber posts I have been doing. Just an FYI- Leah is still doing well sleeping at night, but naps are not going so well. I would tell you more, but I’ve got to keep you coming back, right?

Progress At Last!

Last night was our sixth night of Ferberizing. Leah did not cry, she just kept on yelling “hey!” at us. She also only did this for 45 minutes, rather than her usual hour to hour and a half. She woke up once in the middle of the night but only fussed for a couple of minutes before going back to sleep all by herself! Yay Leah! I am so proud of her progress and I now feel like this is actually working.

That is all I have time for right now because Leah is shoving mac and cheese into her mouth and I am going to have to hose her down any minute.

Night Five

Last night finally showed some progress! I put Leah into her crib after reading some stories around 7:30. She got quiet around 8:36. She really did not cry last night…she just sat there and yelled “Hey!” as loud as she could, which I found somewhat comical. I changed it up last night by shutting her door so that she could not see me. This seemed to work her up all over again the previous nights. I think it worked well.

I went in to check on  her around 9 o’clock and every last item from her crib had been thrown on the ground! My girl has a temper! She didn’t have her Nuk, so being the idiot that I am, I decided to look for it so that I could put it near her head in case she wanted it in the middle of the night. Of course she woke up a little and saw me and freaked out all over again. Luckily, she only fussed for about five minutes before going back to sleep.

She still woke up once, around 2:30, but I went in with some water for her, gave her a hug and told her it was time to go back to sleep. She did after only 20 minutes of fussing! She then slept until 7 o’clock in the morning.

Right now we are on Night Six. She has been in bed for 45 minutes and it already starting to fuss less. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will only have to go through a few more nights of this!

The Fourth Night

I am starting to get quite demoralized. Last night was no better than the night before. In fact, it was pretty much a repeat of the same…an hour and fifteen minutes of crying to fall asleep, then up again from 12:45-2:30ish. For some reason the fourth night was the most difficult for me to handle so far. Maybe it was because I was so tired from the night before. The entire time that she cried my stomach was tied up in knots. I just wanted to go in and hold her. I feel like no progress is being made at all.

I guess I should actually go out and get Dr. Ferber’s book. I feel like I am missing something or doing something wrong. So far I have been Ferberizing at night, but still rocking her for naps. I think that today that will have to change. Maybe it is confusing her.

Wish me luck! I will keep you all posted.