The Fourth Night

I am starting to get quite demoralized. Last night was no better than the night before. In fact, it was pretty much a repeat of the same…an hour and fifteen minutes of crying to fall asleep, then up again from 12:45-2:30ish. For some reason the fourth night was the most difficult for me to handle so far. Maybe it was because I was so tired from the night before. The entire time that she cried my stomach was tied up in knots. I just wanted to go in and hold her. I feel like no progress is being made at all.

I guess I should actually go out and get Dr. Ferber’s book. I feel like I am missing something or doing something wrong. So far I have been Ferberizing at night, but still rocking her for naps. I think that today that will have to change. Maybe it is confusing her.

Wish me luck! I will keep you all posted.


3 thoughts on “The Fourth Night

  1. I feel your pain! I’m a mother of twins and was suffering from the same kind of situation until my babies were around 5 months old. I tried Cry It Out and (1) it was unbelievably hard to hear them cry, and (2) it didn’t work.

    I ended up following the advice from Smooth Parenting (, and my babies were sleeping through the night after 3 days WITHOUT CRY IT OUT! It was just amazing! The key was having the right schedule in place.

    I didn’t hire them for a consultation, although I’ve heard great things. I just signed up for a webinar on ‘how to teach your baby to sleep’, and then followed their suggestions. It worked like a charm!

    They also have tons of free info on their website and blog

    I’d recommend you to check it! I know this sounds like a commercial, but I have nothing to do with them. I am just very happy I found them, and all the friends I referred to them ended up loving them like me!

    I hope all of you get to sleep long hours soon!

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