Getting Peed On…

I am sick of writing about Leah’s sleep habits at the moment, so I though I would amuse you all with the fact that before Leah was born I had never been touched by another person’s pee. Well, there was one time when I got my baby brother out of the bath, but it definitely could have been just the water from the tub…

Anyway, since Leah’s birth I have certainly gotten my share of pee. There was the time when she nearly broke my cell phone. It was in my pocket and I was about to give her a bath and she peed all down my side. The phone starting spazzing out and flashing all these weird screens! That was pretty darn hilarious. It did, however, dry out.

Leah is not the only child that has peed on my recently, either. When I went to the circus with the daycare I work for, one of the little girls there was sitting on my lap. She is about 18 months old. Anyway, I was getting into the show and marveling at how well behaved she was, when I suddenly felt a warm spot spreading out on my leg…

And just today, I was sitting on a towel at the edge of the pool with Leah. We had our feet in the water and she was just wearing her bathing suit with no diaper. I suddenly felt the towel underneath me get all warm and wet. At least I just had to scoot into the pool to rinse off this time!

Ok, hope you all got a laugh and a good break from all the Ferber posts I have been doing. Just an FYI- Leah is still doing well sleeping at night, but naps are not going so well. I would tell you more, but I’ve got to keep you coming back, right?


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