An Amusing Parental Anecdote

Leah is strong-willed. She is still really giving me a run for my money when it comes to bedtime. She likes to change it up on me when I least expect it. Most of the time she just fights me on going to bed. I start trying at eight o’clock and she finally goes to sleep anywhere between eleven and one in the morning. Every once in a while she will lull me into a false sense of security by going to bed really easily. She will then wait until I have just about drifted off in my own bed to wake up and cry. It will take about two hours to get her back to sleep again on these occasions.

Last night I managed to get her down at eleven (yay an early night). It wasn’t until I was putting her down in the crib that I noticed the smell of poo. I pulled the diaper out a bit, and sure enough, she had filled it! It had just taken me hours to get her to sleep and now I had to change her diaper.

I ran to the bedroom to see what Dave thought we should do. Obviously, I wasn’t going to leave her in a dirty diaper all night, I just needed to figure how to go about changing it without waking her!

Dave said he could reach down into the crib and do it from there. I was skeptical, but agreed to hold the flashlight and wipes. So at eleven fifteen at night, we crept quietly into our daughter’s room and Dave very stealthily untaped her diaper. I handed him the wipes and held the flashlight at the perfect angle to illuminate her bottom, but not get the light into her eyes.

It worked. Leah slept until seven this morning. I definitely find this to be one of our more amusing experiences as parents, but it also reinforced what a great team we make together. Perfect timing since we just decided to start planning our wedding.


3 thoughts on “An Amusing Parental Anecdote

  1. Don’t leave us hanging here?! Is everybody getting a better night’s sleep these days?! I love your storytelling. As a young mother, I was always writing these little tales in my head but Al Gore had not invented the interweb yet so I did not have the media nor the audience. Thanks for filling us in.

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