I know that some of you are wondering how Leah’s “sleep training” is going, so I will start with that. She has been doing great overall. We still have some nights that are better than others. For the most part, she does not cry other than right when we are putting her down and she is asleep within a half hour. Last night she cried for half an hour, and I felt like we took two steps back. She also woke up at 12, and again at 5. It wasn’t one of the better nights, but I am confidant that progress is continuing to be made.

What I really want this post to be about is wedding dresses! Last week Kelly took me to David’s Bridal to try some on. As we entered the store, I felt a little excited, but mostly kind of dreaded it. I thought that I was going to hate how everything looked because I am not happy with my body.

Boy was I wrong! Wedding dresses seem to possess some kind of magic that makes them look completely flattering no matter what kind of body type you are. I am not saying that every single dress I tried on looked amazing, but I did fall in love with three of them. Also, I still would like to lose some weight before our (hopefully) November wedding, but if I don’t lost much I will still be happy with the way I look in my dress.

The first dress I fell for is ivory and covered in beautiful lace. As I stood in the mirror admiring myself, the sales girl came over and put a veil on me. I looked at Kelly, who actually had tears in her eyes, and for the first time I really felt like a bride. I was able not only to imagine a wonderful wedding, but a wonderful marriage as well.

I still don’t know how we are going to pull this wedding off, but now I am determined to do it!


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