How Can I Not Laugh?

When Leah misbehaves, that is! She just started using my own word against me…No! The first time was when she was in the bath. She would not sit down.

“Leah,” I told her, “You need to sit on your hiney in the tub!”

“No.” she said, giving me a defiant look.

That look on her face combined with what she said was almost too much to take. I knew that if I laughed I would be in big trouble later on, but I managed to hold it in.

Over the past few days she has become more and more defiant towards me. It doesn’t seem so funny anymore, and now I am really glad that I didn’t laugh! She also throws some great tantrums when she doesn’t get her own way. She spent about 30 minutes the other night just standing in front of me screaming because I would not let her play with my phone.

So, just answer me this: if she goes through the tantrum stage now, the terrible two’s won’t be so terrible…right?


Mystery Solved

I found the missing shapes! Today I was doing laundry and when I got to the bottom of the hamper I heard the distinct sound of plastic hitting plastic…I immediately knew what it was. My sneaky little girl threw her toys in the bottom of my hamper and I covered them up with a weeks worth of laundry.

Oh well, I guess there really is no Land of Lost Toys. Just a very mischievous child, who, by the way, was ecstatic to have her toys back!

In other news, Leah got her first real “boo-boo” tonight. I was over at a friend’s house and Leah was showing off, walking laps around the kitchen, when she tripped and hit her mouth on a drawer handle. I knew by her cry that she was really hurt and leaped over to grab her up.

There was blood. Lots of blood. I managed to stay calm in order to comfort her and try to figure out where it was coming from. I let her bury her face in my shoulder, not caring one bit about my shirt. She cried pretty hard for about ten minutes and then we distracted her with toys. Another fifteen minutes and she was laughing and dancing again.

Once again, I have been more traumatized by my daughter’s pain than she was. It took until we got home to find out where she hurt. It looks like she bit her upper lip. Poor little punkin’!

Land of Lost Toys

I don’t know how it happens. I put away Leah’s toys every night. Everything has a place, and everything goes into it. During the day while she is playing with her toys, my livingroom often looks as though a tornado has swept through it.However, I do not ever take my eyes off of her. She is not unsupervised, and therefore never has the opportunity to hide things without my seeing.

That is why I can not figure out for the life of me how toys get lost! It’ s not that big of an apartment, and there aren’t many places for things to hide. I watch Leah toddle along holding onto little toys. But I don’t know where they end up.

The first time this happened she was only about 9 months old, not even crawling yet. One of her bath toys went missing. It was a ring type toy. I still have not come across it.

Maybe there really is some alternate universe out there. A Land of Lost Toys. Or maybe my daughter knows it drives me crazy when I can’t find something and she really does have hiding place for them. She is quick and stealthy and stashes her toys where I can never find them. I am guessing it’s the latter.