Land of Lost Toys

I don’t know how it happens. I put away Leah’s toys every night. Everything has a place, and everything goes into it. During the day while she is playing with her toys, my livingroom often looks as though a tornado has swept through it.However, I do not ever take my eyes off of her. She is not unsupervised, and therefore never has the opportunity to hide things without my seeing.

That is why I can not figure out for the life of me how toys get lost! It’ s not that big of an apartment, and there aren’t many places for things to hide. I watch Leah toddle along holding onto little toys. But I don’t know where they end up.

The first time this happened she was only about 9 months old, not even crawling yet. One of her bath toys went missing. It was a ring type toy. I still have not come across it.

Maybe there really is some alternate universe out there. A Land of Lost Toys. Or maybe my daughter knows it drives me crazy when I can’t find something and she really does have hiding place for them. She is quick and stealthy and stashes her toys where I can never find them. I am guessing it’s the latter.


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