How Can I Not Laugh?

When Leah misbehaves, that is! She just started using my own word against me…No! The first time was when she was in the bath. She would not sit down.

“Leah,” I told her, “You need to sit on your hiney in the tub!”

“No.” she said, giving me a defiant look.

That look on her face combined with what she said was almost too much to take. I knew that if I laughed I would be in big trouble later on, but I managed to hold it in.

Over the past few days she has become more and more defiant towards me. It doesn’t seem so funny anymore, and now I am really glad that I didn’t laugh! She also throws some great tantrums when she doesn’t get her own way. She spent about 30 minutes the other night just standing in front of me screaming because I would not let her play with my phone.

So, just answer me this: if she goes through the tantrum stage now, the terrible two’s won’t be so terrible…right?


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