Ode to Grocery Shopping

You’ve had it happen to you. Someone cuts you off right at the front door going into the store and you just know that you are going to run into them again. That same person manages to piss you off, get in your way, nearly run you over, and grab something as you are going for it. All in one trip to the market.

The question really is, what do you do about it? Are you the type of person that just shrugs it off? Do you ignore them, or silently stew as your headache grows larger and larger?

Let me tell you what I do in this situation. I say something. Not directly to the person, but to myself. Take today for instance. Someone came right at me with her cart so that I had to jump out of her way to be narrowly missed. She did not even make eye contact, let alone say “excuse me” or “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Nope, she just kept right on going.

In my best outdoor voice I exclaimed, “Wow, people are really rude today!” I was toning it down a notch for the sake of Dave, who was with me. I really wanted to say, “Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize that you are so much more important than me!” As it is, he looked like he wanted to melt into a puddle on the floor, or at least pretend he didn’t know me.

What do my loud, embarrassing exclamations accomplish, you may ask? Nothing, really. But it does make me feel a whole lot better about the situation.

The point, to me, is that I am not being a doormat. Why should I allow myself to get frustrated to the brink of insanity over other people’s lack of manners? I am going to let them know that they pissed me off and that they are rude. It may not make them apologize or even acknowledge me, but maybe they will think twice before doing it to someone else. Or maybe not.


3 thoughts on “Ode to Grocery Shopping

  1. Wow. I completly understand you. When i was delivering pizzas for inferno this summer, I had this one obnoxious rich customer always tip me 1$regardless of the fact it was under ten minutes. I got fed up with them, and my coworkers and manager also hated how they called and complained about the food every single time, yet still ordered. So what did I do? found a pair of underwear in my car and wrapped the sandwhich they ordered up in it. My mom was pissed when I told her (with glee, may I add). She said I shouldnt stoop to their level. That, however is bull. Getting back at somebody is not a sinful thing by any stretch, nor is it bad to fight back, rather than cower with your tail tucked between your legs

  2. I totally agree. I used to be really timid about saying anything. I thought I was being the “better person” but I think that logic is stupid now. I’m not being any better by not saying anything. I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking it’s ok to have people walk all over her. I’m much more vocal about things like that now. I carry my little girl around in a “kangaroo pouch” carrier, and some lady jumped right in front of me making me almost TRIP and I was like ” Oh, that’s fine, I only have a BABY strapped to my chest.” People looked at her and she got pretty embarassed. I think people like that are so self consumed that if you call them out they WILL think twice next time becasue it bruises their ego. Good job 😉

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