Juice Boxes Are Not THAT Convenient

Sometimes I have to wonder, “what was I thinking?” Today was one of those times. A couple of weeks ago I bought my first ever pack of juice boxes as  a mother. I thought it was a great idea. I could just throw one into the diaper bag when I was in a hurry, rather than filling up a cup and putting that in. Well, it turned out that Leah doesn’t quite grasp the concept yet. Sure, she can drink from the straw like a pro, but apparently she hasn’t caught on to the whole “don’t squeeze the box” thing.

“Well, no problem”, I thought to myself one day. Still in a rush I simply threw a box into the diaper bag along with an empty cup. When Leah got thirsty it would be easy enough to squeeze into the cup for her. Which it was, when Dave was with me and could do the squeezing for me.

Today was the first time that this happened while I was out alone with Leah. “Cup, cup!” she demanded. I buckled her into her car seat, got into the front and opened up the juice box. Only instead of squeezing it into the cup, it wound up all over my lap. Yes, I still had more errands to run, and yes, it did look as though I had peed my pants.

Lesson learned:  juice boxes make life easier…once your kid is a little bit older.