Wow, she took that literally!

Over the past couple of weeks I have learned that with a toddler underfoot, I really need to watch what I say. I burnt myself on pan, and for an entire day I had to listen to Leah walking around saying “Demmit!” I really need to keep myself in check when it comes to swearing, but I also need to remember that my daughter takes everything I say very literally.

A couple of weeks ago we were at my mom’s house and I was about to give Leah her bath. I had not gotten the water to the right temperature yet and she kept trying to climb into the tub. Finally, I handed her the rolled up, wet diaper that I had just taken off of her and told her to go throw it away. She got very excited, grabbed the diaper from me, ran naked out into the hallway and whipped the diaper as hard as she could…right at my mom, who happened to be standing there.

I had not thought about the fact that to a two-year old, throwing something away means…well, throwing it! As a parent to a little girl who is listening intently all the time and learning new things every day I must learn to think before I speak. Next time I will tell her to “put it in the garbage”!