Sweetest Girl Ever

I just put Leah to bed and my heart is so full of joy and love for her right now. I laid in her little bed and made up stories for her and then we talked about the day we had while holding hands. She kept pointing to the mural on her wall and talking about the pretty flowers mommy made for her. I just got the sense that she knows exactly how loved she is. I certainly hope that she knows. She is mommy’s “big girl”, as she has been pointing out to me lately.

Well, this is such a short post, but I am just feeling so much love and had to share. Now I am going to spend some time with my wonderful husband!


When Toddlers Hoard

Last fall things started to go missing. One night I couldn’t find Leah’s toothbrush. Then some of her little toys started to disappear. I didn’t think much of it. Small toys get lost, and it’s no big deal. But after the 4th or 5th toothbrush in a matter of weeks I began to wonder what was going on. I decided to ask Leah where her toothbrush went. She immediately walked over to the entertainment stand and pointed behind it. I went around and looked. No toothbrush.

The next day I tried asking her again. I got the same result. Every time I asked her she would point behind the entertainment stand and saying something about it being behind the t.v.

One night, my aunt and cousin were over and I was telling them about the toothbrush follies. Laughing, my aunt asked Leah where her toothbrushes went. Leah took my cousin, Meghan, by the hand and pulled her over to the entertainment stand. We laughed and changed the subject of our conversation.

It wasn’t until a couple of days later that I saw Leah standing near the back of the stand and heard a distinct “clunk”! Walking over I saw that the large speaker that sat next to the t.v. had a small circular hole in the back, just large enough to put a small toy, or a toothbrush. I picked the speaker up and shook it. It made a lot of noise. I couldn’t believe it.

Later I found out that she had actually told Meghan that her toothbrush was “in the peaker”. I had to use a screwdriver to open it up. The hold was big enough to fit things, but not big enough to get them back out easily. When I opened it I couldn’t believe what I saw. There were no less than five- yes FIVE- toothbrushes! Along with some other things. Leah was really excited to get her toys back, too. We have since moved the speakers out of her reach…

Everything I pulled out of the speaker! What a collection!

Baby Clothes

My little peanut when she was tiny!

I love baby clothes. They hold my dearest memories in their soft fabric. The lingering smell of Dreft makes my heart swell with joy, just as it did when my daughter was tiny enough to fit into them.

I love maternity clothes, too. I remember how my round, swollen belly looked beneath the shirts and the large elastic paneled pants. Some women hate pregnancy and the havoc it wreaks on their bodies. For me, though, it was the time when I felt the most beautiful. I basked in the glow of expectant motherhood.

Recently I dug through all the boxes full of clothes that Leah has outgrown.  I was giving some away to a friend. I pulled a yellow onesie out of the newborn sizes and held it up.

“Leah, look!” I said. “This is my favorite.”

She grinned at me and announced, “It’s for a baby!” She was rather proud of herself for that observation.

My heart sank just a little when I realized that she is becoming more little girl and less baby all the time. The onesie had little barns and farm animals all over it. It was teeny tiny. The memory of her wearing it, the little tuft of fine hair peaking in the middle of her head, seemed like just yesterday. Time flies and they outgrow all the favorites so quickly.

It doesn’t help that at this point I am hard put to keep that little nudist dressed at all. After chasing her around the house for twenty minutes, garments in hand, I can get her into an adorable outfit only to find her standing in a diaper five minutes later, grinning from ear to ear. At least she hasn’t figured out the tabs on the diaper yet. It’s only a matter of time.

It’s amazing that clothing, mere objects, can say so much. They can hold so many memories. I held on to some of the clothes. I hope for another baby someday, but I am also not ready to let go of the baby I have. Maybe not ever, since she will really always be my baby in some ways.

Leahisms and Laughter

Leah is talking more and more all the time. Some people think that you should correct the little mistakes that toddlers tend to make in their speech. I encourage them…I think it is adorable. Okay, so maybe it’s a little embarrassing for Leah to tell someone that I took her to play in the parking lot (which is what she calls the park, or playground), but it’s also downright hilarious!

My main goal this week is to get Leah to say the sentence “The chipmunks play in the basement with their flashlights.” It cracks me up every single time. Why? Because in Leah’s words, this is the same sentence, “The chick-a-monks pay in da base-a-ment with der fwash-awights!” It’s just so cute.

Even my grammar correcting father used to get a huge kick out of me wanting to wear mommy’s “pewferm”. By the same token my mom, who is an English teacher, loved it when I said “nozzles” instead of nostrils. And I turned out just fine. So, for now I will continue to let Leah make grammatical and pronunciation errors all she wants. After all, they are only young once!