Leahisms and Laughter

Leah is talking more and more all the time. Some people think that you should correct the little mistakes that toddlers tend to make in their speech. I encourage them…I think it is adorable. Okay, so maybe it’s a little embarrassing for Leah to tell someone that I took her to play in the parking lot (which is what she calls the park, or playground), but it’s also downright hilarious!

My main goal this week is to get Leah to say the sentence “The chipmunks play in the basement with their flashlights.” It cracks me up every single time. Why? Because in Leah’s words, this is the same sentence, “The chick-a-monks pay in da base-a-ment with der fwash-awights!” It’s just so cute.

Even my grammar correcting father used to get a huge kick out of me wanting to wear mommy’s “pewferm”. By the same token my mom, who is an English teacher, loved it when I said “nozzles” instead of nostrils. And I turned out just fine. So, for now I will continue to let Leah make grammatical and pronunciation errors all she wants. After all, they are only young once!


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