When Toddlers Hoard

Last fall things started to go missing. One night I couldn’t find Leah’s toothbrush. Then some of her little toys started to disappear. I didn’t think much of it. Small toys get lost, and it’s no big deal. But after the 4th or 5th toothbrush in a matter of weeks I began to wonder what was going on. I decided to ask Leah where her toothbrush went. She immediately walked over to the entertainment stand and pointed behind it. I went around and looked. No toothbrush.

The next day I tried asking her again. I got the same result. Every time I asked her she would point behind the entertainment stand and saying something about it being behind the t.v.

One night, my aunt and cousin were over and I was telling them about the toothbrush follies. Laughing, my aunt asked Leah where her toothbrushes went. Leah took my cousin, Meghan, by the hand and pulled her over to the entertainment stand. We laughed and changed the subject of our conversation.

It wasn’t until a couple of days later that I saw Leah standing near the back of the stand and heard a distinct “clunk”! Walking over I saw that the large speaker that sat next to the t.v. had a small circular hole in the back, just large enough to put a small toy, or a toothbrush. I picked the speaker up and shook it. It made a lot of noise. I couldn’t believe it.

Later I found out that she had actually told Meghan that her toothbrush was “in the peaker”. I had to use a screwdriver to open it up. The hold was big enough to fit things, but not big enough to get them back out easily. When I opened it I couldn’t believe what I saw. There were no less than five- yes FIVE- toothbrushes! Along with some other things. Leah was really excited to get her toys back, too. We have since moved the speakers out of her reach…

Everything I pulled out of the speaker! What a collection!


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