Bedtime is my favorite time of the day with my daughter. It is not because I get to relax and have time to myself once she goes to sleep. In fact, I often miss her as soon as she is tucked in and look forward to the next day we get to spend together. It is the actual bedtime routine that I love.

I love how easily she runs to her room and climbs into her bed. I put on her music and night light, and then cram myself into the toddler bed next to her. All of my senses are engaged at bedtime. She smells all baby clean from her bath, feels all warm and snuggly in her footsie pj’s, looks so sweet with her little eyelids drooping, she says the sweetest and funniest things, and she kisses me goodnight,her lips tasting of bubble gum flavored toothpaste.

We snuggle close and I always ask her what her favorite part of the day was. If she is still awake enough, this question usually elicits some heart-melting response such as, “calling Mana” or “blocks with Daddy.” If she is really tired, she will answer simply by nuzzling her sweet little head into my chest. I always rub her forehead and run my fingers through her soft curls at night. She relaxes, and finally, ready to sleep, whispers “goodnight.” I tell her I love her and she says she “wuffs” me, too.

As I exit the room, I always turn back and take one last look at my precious little girl. If she is not already asleep she will smile and blow me a kiss. And then I leave the room, feeling full of love for my daughter, and content that she is comfortably dreaming about happy things.



My Little "Debil"!

My daughter is now at that age where the holidays are oh so very fun! We just had a wonderful Halloween where Leah dressed as a “debil” and rang people’s doorbell and then yelled “Come in!” She was the sweetest looking debil I have ever seen and just took so much joy in the whole Halloween experience.

Now Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up, and Leah is so intrigued. The other night as I was tucking her into bed she said, “Mommy, wait, I have a question!” Holding back laughter at the cuteness of that sentence coming out of my two-year old’s mouth, I asked her what her question way. Her reply was simply, “Christmas!”

Since then she has asked me many more questions, including whether the next day was Christmas (every night) and if Santa rings the doorbell. She speaks of the Jolly Old Elf in hushed, reverent tones that melt my  heart. I love passing the magic that is Christmas on to my sweet little girl.