My Little "Debil"!

My daughter is now at that age where the holidays are oh so very fun! We just had a wonderful Halloween where Leah dressed as a “debil” and rang people’s doorbell and then yelled “Come in!” She was the sweetest looking debil I have ever seen and just took so much joy in the whole Halloween experience.

Now Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up, and Leah is so intrigued. The other night as I was tucking her into bed she said, “Mommy, wait, I have a question!” Holding back laughter at the cuteness of that sentence coming out of my two-year old’s mouth, I asked her what her question way. Her reply was simply, “Christmas!”

Since then she has asked me many more questions, including whether the next day was Christmas (every night) and if Santa rings the doorbell. She speaks of the Jolly Old Elf in hushed, reverent tones that melt my  heart. I love passing the magic that is Christmas on to my sweet little girl.


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