Going Overboard at Christmas

This is it. This is the first year when Leah is old enough to understand and be excited for Christmas. That excitement is certainly rubbing off on my husband and me. The magic of the season came alive all over again when I saw her eyes light up after decorating the tree, when visiting Santa, and dancing to Christmas songs. 

The only problem is that my husband and I may have gone a little overboard in the gift department. We did not spend a ton of money, but there are certainly a ton of gifts. Okay, maybe we spent a little more than we should have. We are just so thrilled with the thought of her anticipation and waking up on Christmas morning to a mountain of gifts. And no, we have not solely focused on gift giving. We have talked to her about spending time with family, giving to others, and telling family that you love them. At least we have talked to her to the extent that one can expect a two-year old to understand.

But anyway, a mountain of gifts she will get. I feel slightly guilty for how many presents she is getting. However, most of them are small sentimental tokens, books and other educational items, and just a few big toys. Overall, I don’t think it will affect her. Even at her young age, my daughter is such an appreciative child and treats her possessions with respect.

So, I need to stop trying to justify Christmas. Leah makes it a joy to give her any little thing. Why not spoil her, just this once? It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic of Christmas with my family.

Happy Holidays!