I love it when toddlers hear something and they repeat it not only incorrectly, but really cute. Leah knows we have a baby monitor in our room, for example. This morning when she came to get me and climbed into my bed for some morning snuggles, she could hear her night-time music playing through it.

“Mommy!” She exclaimed. “The baby monster is singing! How can that be?!”

I don’t know which part is funnier/cuter; the fact that she thinks it is a “baby monster” or that she actually said “How can that be?”!

It astonishes me every day how smart my two-year old is (or, as she says, two and a half). A few weeks ago we came home from her swim lesson to find that my husband had beat us home and had parked his work van in the street. She noticed right away.

“Mama,” she said. “Daddy has a truck with a ladder.”

“Yes, he does.”

“Is he a fire fighter?” she asked me. How can a toddler be smart enough to put that thought together?

I explained to her what her daddy’s job really is, and now she proudly tells everyone that her daddy is a “techmician of satewites”!


One thought on “Misunderstandings

  1. You should have your stepsister print this out and keep it in her glove department.

    As usual, a well-written, touching post. You always make me proud.

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