Perfect Day

Do you ever have one of those days that just makes your heart swell with joy? I had one yesterday. I got to leisurely get things done around the house all morning, while enjoying Leah’s chatter. Then I took her to the playground and bought her a popsicle when we had to run to the convenience store to use their potty. Finally, the two of napped together on the couch. When we woke up, Dave was home from work early. The sun was still shining outside, but there was a breeze going on out there. Dave grabbed the kite we had gotten Leah the previous Easter out of our coat closet, and we headed out.

We went to a field near our home and as luck would have it, there were only two teenagers throwing a football around. We got out of the car and Dave ran with the kite to get it started while Leah rolled down a hill. The sun was brilliant but low enough in the sky to cast a heavenly glow over us as we took turns flying the kite.

When Leah accidentally let go of it during a big gust of wind, her and I both got a giggle out of Dave running after the kite across the field. There was love, laughter, and warm memories being created. What could be better than that?

Everything melted away. The stress we have been under trying to stick to a budget, the errands that needed running; none of that mattered. All that mattered was the precious moments I was spending with my husband and daughter.


The two loves of my life, flying a kite together.

I turned to Dave before we left and said, “If there is a Heaven, this is it.”