Parenting Tip #1

Today while I was at lunch with my bestie, I told her that I am going to start keeping track of my “parenting wisdom” and writing down tips for her. She loved the idea, and it occurred to me later that I should post my tips here.

So here is tip #1, my best parenting skill: Switch strategies until you find one that works. Seriously, it’s that simple. Think about it, with a tiny infant who is crying you have to keep trying different things sometimes before you figure out what was bothering the baby. Nothing really changes when your baby becomes a toddler or your toddler becomes a kid (okay, a lot changes, but this strategy still works!)

This is what we had to do with bedtime, and sometimes still must do. If you have read my blog from the start then you know everything we went through and all of the things we tried to get Leah to go to bed without hassle and sleep in her own bed all night. Even now, every few months she will start to give us a hard time again. When this happens I have to completely revamp and re-perfect her bedtime routine. Until I find one that works. After a few days my daughter goes to bed like a little angel again.

It works with getting her to eat as well. For awhile we got her to eat meals by calling them “super snacks” rather than breakfast, lunch, or dinner. That stopped working, so we got strict and strongly enforced the re-heating of every meal she didn’t eat.

The best part of this parenting tip is that it can be applied to almost any situation. All it takes is a little bit of creativity!


3 thoughts on “Parenting Tip #1

  1. Yay parenting tips 🙂 I lap up anything described as a ‘parenting tip’ – Sam is two and a half and a brilliant kid but you can never have enough ammunition! A blog I follow, has a series of parenting tips. Check them out; completely different than what I expect your tips will be but very humourous!

    • Oh, I will definitely check that out! Keep in my mind, I am just making stuff up as I go along when it comes to parenting, so take everything I say with a grain of salt! 🙂 It’s just stuff that has worked for me, and a lot of mine are humorous as well!

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