Oh, the things she comes out with!

A few days ago we were playing at the park when Leah had to go potty. We had to drive down the road to a gas station that has the worst parking lot ever. It is situated on a corner and has entrances and exits on 2 sides despite the fact that it’s tiny. As my husband tried to back out, someone else was trying to pull in and a third person was trying to pull away from a gas pump. I began loudly grumbling about crappy parking lots and people not knowing how to drive.

All of a sudden, Leah piped up from her carseat, “It’s OKAY, mommy! CALM DOWN! They are just old people.”

I nearly died laughing.

Then, in her continued efforts to make me feel about going to school and putting her in daycare, she randomly asked me yesterday, “Mommy, how do you do it?”

Confused, I asked, “How do I do what?”

“How do you weave me at daycare aww awone?”

On the one hand, that was a little heartbreaking, but I really had to laugh because A.) where does she get this stuff?, and B.) I know that she is fine at daycare. Her teachers tell me all the time that she has a great day and has fun and barely asks for me anymore. She just loves to make stuff up and try to make me feel bad! She is too smart!


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