Parenting Tip #3

Make your own date night.

Feeling like you’ve worn out the babysitter lately with necessary things like doctor’s appointments or family/work obligations? Need a night out with your husband? Dave and I have perfected date night without needing a sitter. We do this about once a week. What we do is make sure Leah is nice and tuckered out by playing with her all day long. We feed her dinner at the normal time and sit with her, but we don’t eat. Then we get her into bed and asleep by 8, and we have the rest of the night for our date.

I cook while Dave sets up a small table in the livingroom with a makeshift table-cloth and a candle for ambience. Then, we get to eat, talk, laugh and do everything as though we were out in a restaurant, kid-free. We don’t have to over-extend our babysitters or spend money and our daughter can have the whole day with one or both of us and sleep soundly in her own bed. Sure, we still need to get out once in a while, but that gets tough to do all the time as a parent.

Every couple needs quality time together, but once kids are part of the mix you have to get creative sometimes. Redbox and Netflix are also your friends!


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