Moving Tips

My husband and I recently bought a mobile home. We are still waiting on all the paperwork to go through, but we were told that we can look forward to moving in 3-4 weeks! It has been awhile since we moved, and it’s our first time moving since becoming parents. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the paperwork and the thought of packing our entire life up into boxes.

A good friend of mine also just bought a house and started sending me moving tips. Today she compiled an entire list of very useful moving tips. I plan on using each and every one of these to help me stay organized, and I thought I would share them here.

Here is the list of Moving Tips for Parents or anyone else, written by Ashley:

Tip # 1: Plastic bins are your best friend. They are waterproof so your things can be moved in the rain. Even better, if you have plastic bins you can see what is in each bin. (Although you should still label what room each bin goes in.)

Tip # 2: As you’re packing boxes, pick them up intermittently to make sure you’re not making them too heavy. Nothing worse than packing a box, sealing it, and then realizing you can’t move it to your stack of boxes.

Tip # 3: Small boxes are great for breakable items. It keeps the fragile stuff compact so there’s no jiggling around.

Tip # 4: Don’t pack your towels or bedding. Use them as padding to wrap your breakables. It acts as bubble wrap, it’s free, and it gets packed all at the same time.

Tip # 5: Stock up on all sizes of Ziploc bags. You will be amazed at how many bottles of liquid you have open in your house. (And they do spill when they fall sideways, even if it’s a spill proof top!)

Tip # 6: Garbage Bags are your friend. They are perfect for packing clothes, plus they are flexible so you can squeeze them into a car and it won’t make your clothes smell like boxes and bins sometimes do.

Tip # 7: About 3 days before the big move, get a duffel bag or a suitcase and pack 1 weeks worth of clothes for each person in your family. Just like you’re going on a vacation. Also for children pack a small bag of select toys. That way when you move, you don’t need to unpack every bag of clothes to find the ONE bag all of your underwear is in.

Tip # 8: Label EVERYTHING!! Clearly label what room each box is going in.  For the Kitchen boxes, write a list on each box of the things inside. That way you know exactly where your coffee pot is or your toaster oven.

Tip # 9: Pack like things together. There’s nothing worse then trying to unpack a box that has stuff for 5 different rooms in it. When packing put your box/bin in 1 room and never leave that room until the box is full.

Tip # 10: If possible, clear out a portion of 1 room (preferably near the exterior door you will be going in and out of to pack vehicles). This will be where you stack your boxes. No matter what room they came from or are going to in your new house, stack them all together.

Tip # 11: When you are unloading your moving vehicle (whatever it may be) move the furniture to the rooms they will stay. Put all your boxes in 1 location. This saves you from explaining to friends and family what rooms in your house will be your bedroom, your child’s bedroom, etc. Plus it saves time. You can get more moved in 1 day if everything is moved from point A to the truck to point B.

Tip # 12:  Use this move as a chance to purge your belongings. We all have more stuff then we really need. And even if you’re moving into a house with more space, there’s no point in filling it with stuff you don’t need.  If you aren’t going to use it within 1 year from your moving date, don’t move it.

Tip # 13: Pack the stuff you won’t use for a while first. If it’s after the holidays, pack all your holiday decorations first. Most of the time they are already packed away in boxes but make sure the boxes are sealed.  If you are moving in the summer, pack away all your winter clothes. You have to start somewhere.

Tip # 14: If you have a basement or attic, move everything out of those locations as soon as you find out you’re moving. Your house may be super cluttered for a while but your back and legs will thank you. This way you’re not going up and down stairs 20 times or more in 1 day. Take your time and do it over 1 week.

Tip # 15:  Get yourself a roll of masking tape and a sharpie. The masking tape is great for putting on a box or bin because it is easily removable after your move. Label the masking tape instead of the bin itself. This way you can reuse the boxes and bins for a future move or storage.

Tip # 16: Buy packing tape and use it to tape the seams on all of your boxes. Packing tape is best, it won’t break.

Tip # 17: Buy at least 2 box cutters. Place 1 in the center console of your vehicle and one in your spouse’s car. This way when you go to unpack boxes you’re not trying to use scissors (dangerous) and you aren’t trying to find the box you packed the box cutters in.

Tip # 18: Before you unhook all the cables from your TV, take a picture of the way that the cables go into the TV and game consoles,  DVD player, etc. If possible, take a piece of masking tape and wrap it around the cord at both ends and label it “HDMI port 2 TV” and the other end “HDMI port DVD Player”. This way your TV is set up the same way it is currently at your new house.

Tip # 19: Make sure you go to the post office and have your address changed. This should be done 7 days prior to moving. You can choose the date when they should start forwarding your mail.

Tip # 20: If you have young children or animals try and get someone who is not helping you move (a Grandmother) to take them to their house for the day. Or try and schedule moving day for a day when you child is at school or day care. It can be very frightening to a child to see everything leaving their room and house. Even if you tell them where it’s going, they may not understand.

Tip # 21: Pack a cooler or bin of drinks and quick snacks for your movers. Plan on ordering a pizza or grabbing subs your first night in your new house and have a box of cereal and milk ready for the morning.

Tip # 22: As much as you want to get your house unpacked first, unpack your child’s room first. They need to feel like this is their home. You don’t have to unpack everything, but make sure that their bed is put together and they have some of their toys ready to play with. This will also keep them busy when you’re unpacking your house.

Tip # 23: If you have friends helping you move and there will be many vehicles going between your old and new houses, print out directions to your new house for each vehicle. Nothing worse than getting lost on moving day.

Tip # 24: Put 2 roles of toilet paper in your car right now. This way there is toilet paper as soon as you get to your new house.

Tip # 25: Label each box on 2 sides and on the top. This way no matter how many boxes it’s squeezed between, you can read what room the box goes in.

Tip # 26: When you get to your new house and all of your boxes are in that one location, move each box into the room it belongs before you unpack anything. This way you can really see how much stuff you need to fit in that room or tiny closet and it will help you see if you need to purge more.

Tip # 27: Start the packing process early. This will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed on the days leading up to moving day,

Tip #28: Call 1 week prior to move and schedule a date for the utilities to be put into your name.


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