I Have a Little Girl

Each day it has been hitting me more and more that I have a little girl. I have had a daughter for almost three years now, but she was a baby. Now she is…a kid. And she has a personality. Not just a personality, though- a great one. She is smart, funny, stubborn, beautiful, fun, outgoing, spunky. I am so incredibly proud of her.

I didn’t think that at the age of twenty-three I would have a three year old child, but man I would never change this for the world. She IS my world. Today I am just overcome with how incredible it is to be a mom and know that I brought this life into the world. And let me tell you, the world would not be as great without Leah.

I just had to share. At the moment my daughter is dancing around the messy livingroom in a fancy dress, with her hair done all fancy (we played beauty salon) and singing along to “Tell Him” by the Exciters…yup, that’s my girl. I think I will go join her…


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