The next time someone gives my daughter a balloon I might just cry. I am so sick of tripping over them in my house and just looking at them, period! Balloons are freakin’ everywhere! I mean, everywhere in my house, obviously. But they are also everywhere you go! 

I never noticed it before I had a child, but seriously I can’t go into a store that doesn’t have some sort of balloon. It doesn’t exist. And if you go into said store with a cute kid, chances are you are leaving with one of these balloons. 

Here are my issues with balloons: First, they make me nervous. Really nervous. I am flipping out every time Leah gets a balloon within five inches of her mouth. Second, I hate the smell of latex. I have a latex allergy as it is and the smell just makes me crazy. Finally, it is a huge pain to drive while a kid is throwing around a balloon in the back seat. It’s distracting and blocks your view out the back. 

I am not heartless. My daughter loves balloons. I think they are dumb and I don’t get why children get so excited over them, but bottom line is she does and I would never take that away. I am not really going to cry or tell someone they can’t give my daughter a balloon when she has been a good girl. I will just have to grin and bear it, and then vent on my blog! 🙂


One thought on “Balloons

  1. Believe it or not, danger from balloons, while real, is greatly exaggerated! Search the web and you’ll be surprised. That being said, I always felt the same way, and now I miss the simple excitement of seeing my children’s eyes light up when they pick out a balloon.

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