Leah says the darndest things!

I have been compiling a list of most of the funny things that Leah says since March. I try to write everything down, but I occasionally forget. Today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites!


“I am Princess Queen and THIS is my dance floor!”


As I was stepping out of the shower, Leah ran in and told me that she was hungry. I told her that she needed to wait until I got dresses. She followed me into my bedroom and patiently waited as I dressed. As I finally pulled a shirt on, she smiled and said, “You look great, mommy… now get me a snack!”


Me: No

Leah: I don’t like that word and I don’t want to hear it anymore!


Doctor: It looks like you have an ear infection.

Leah: Awww… I don’t bewieve it!


Leah: I don’t want too many brothers and sisters.

Me: Oh. How many do you want?

Leah: Just four!


Leah: Mommy, what’s that? 

Me: My shadow.

Leah: Oh, it looks just like a cow!


While putting her to bed: It’s not great without my nuk. I’ll probably cry when you leave. 


“Mommy! Daddy stands up when he pees!”


“Hi Daddy! Did you make the monies today?”


Dave was busy installing our DirecTV, so I asked Leah if she wanted me to send him in to give her a quick goodnight kiss. She replied, 

“Nah. It’s not like I’m crying or anything.”

Dates Unknown:

(pretending to be my Grandma): “You can’t go swimming right now. There’s too many technicals in the pool.

“I am all out of freakin’ kisses!”


Erica(photographer): Leah, will you sit here by yourself so I can take your picture?

Leah: I absolutely will not.


Leah(in bed): Mommy!

I open the door and say “What Leah?”

Leah: I just wanted to say I like your shirt!

I hope these made you smile! Have a great day!









































I can’t find the moment

A few days ago I was uploading some photos to my shutterfly account. It had been awhile since I did this, and I was starting all the way from last fall. As I looked at the pictures of my daughter in the fall I realized how much her looks have changed in such a short period of time!

Just six months ago, she had shorter hair, chubby little hands and legs, and a generally baby look to her. Now that baby look is completely gone. Her beautiful curls hang halfway down her back, and are blonder than ever from the sun. Her legs have gotten longer and leaner. Her face is that of a gorgeous little girl, not a beautiful little baby. 

I started going through the pictures, pushing the forward button, trying to pinpoint the exact day when my daughter graduated from baby to child. I couldn’t find it. 

The truth is that it didn’t happen overnight, although the time does go by so quickly that it does feel that way. The lesson I learned is that I should never take any age or phase for granted. I need to live in the moment with my daughter, and enjoy every one. They go so quickly and are so precious. 

Even so, I know that one day in the not far enough future I will be flipping through pictures trying to find the moment when my little girl became a woman.