First Day Back

Well my first day of the semester went alright. The classes were great and I have two amazing law professors that I have had the pleasure of having before. I came right home, looking forward to seeing Leah, and we played a few rounds of hide and seek and then she wanted me to play with her My Little Ponies with her (she has an extensive collection!) We played for a bit, and then I told her that I had to do some homework. 

One of my goals for the semester is to manage my time better. I am a very organized student, but I am not great at timing. My plan is to do a little every day so that I don’t let it build up and have to spend an entire day catching up. 

Well, all hell broke lose when I told Leah it was homework time for me. She began climbing all over me the second I sat down at my computer. I told her she needed to stop and let me get my work done. Her response was heart shattering for me. 

“Well,” she said, walking away. “I guess that means you are not my best friend anymore.”

Heartbroken, I sent her to her room. I know that she is three, but she knows how to manipulate by tugging at my heartstrings. Dave had a talk with her and then she came and told me she was sorry. The great thing about three is that they begin to understand reasoning. 

I explained to my daughter that I would love to sit and play with her all the time but that grown-ups have things that have to get done and that sometimes I will need to do those things before playing. I think she got it. At least until tomorrow…


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