I’ll have what she’s having


It’s cold out. Like, really freaking cold out. I like to leave the house, to get out and do things. Whether its playing in the yard or actually getting in the car and going somewhere, I am happy to just be out of the house. That is why I tend to get the winter blues every year around this time. When other months have thirty-one days, they never feel quite as long as the thirty-one days of January feel to me. I am settling into my mid-winter rut right now. It’s too cold to go anywhere, and waaaaay too cold to play outside, so why bother even getting dressed?


Leah and I spend most of our day in the livingroom when I don’t have class. In the morning I sink into my chair and I seldom leave it. I play with Leah, but she comes to me. We wrap up in blankets and become one giant mass. We watch too much television (today I found myself unable to study because I had to know if Rainbow Dash was going to win the flying competition or not). It’s quiet and peaceful, and depressing all at once.


And yet, my daughter is happy. That little girl is happy 99% of the time. I don’t know how she does it, but nothing seems to really get her down. She runs around grinning and coming up with new, albeit weird, games for us to play and I go along with her. She is always bouncy, from her little feet to her golden curls. Even more amazing is that her happiness radiates, warming m

e up even in the sub-zero weather us New Yorkers are experiencing right now.

As much as I love our summer days, sunning on the deck, splashing in the kiddie pool, and the days where we go on outings, this is just as great. Every moment spent with my daughter is precious. For those of you wondering what the meaning of life is, I don’t have the answer. But I can tell you this- have a child and it won’t matter. All that matters is the pure joy you feel on a daily basis.





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