Top Ten Reasons Why Being a Mommy is Awesome


1.) Nobody cares if you wear sweatpants all the time.


Seriously, if you’re a mom no one expects you to look good for at least the first ten years. You can go anywhere you want sporting no make-up, dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep, straggly hair in a haphazard bun, sweatpants, and an old shirt with spit up on the shoulder. No one will judge you. I promise.


2.) You get to use crayola crayons again AND color in coloring books.


I know you’ve missed coloring all this time between leaving elementary school and reproducing. Now you have the perfect excuse to break out those crayolas (and c’mon, spring for the BIG box with the sharpener on the back), grab a coloring book, and go to town!


3.) Four words- Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.


Need I say more?


4.) You have another chance to build epic blanket forts.


You loved doing it as a kid. Who didn’t? Now is your chance to grab every blanket you can find, put some chairs or other furniture together and have an indoor camping trip. At my house we even make s’mores using the fireplace to toast the marshmallows.


5.) Legos, My Little Ponies, Barbies, Transformers…


No matter what your favorite toy was as a kid, chances are some version of it is still around. Presently, we are in a major Pony phase over here and I must admit that I have gotten really into collecting each pony with Leah. And combing their hair. And watching the show. I am also loving the Barbie Dolls again. You know you want to play. Get down on the floor and do it!


6.) Your neighbors won’t think it’s weird if they see you doing the slip n’ slide…


Yeah, that’s right. I am sure they won’t find it at all weird when they see you out there in a bathing suit yelling “woo-hoo!!!” before belly-flopping onto the slippery slide and realizing how much it is going to hurt tomorrow. Not that Dave or I have ever done that…


7.) You can re-watch all your favorite Disney movies.


Again, and again, and again. And if you’re anything like me you can cringe whenever they mention someone dying a horrible and painful death and wonder what the heck your parents were thinking letting you watch this stuff! And then you will reach over and grab a handful of popcorn while continuing to watch, along with your kids.


8.) If you ever wanted to be a human tissue, your dreams just came true.


That’s right, people! No college education needed! If your dream job includes constantly being covered in various forms of boogers then motherhood is for you!


9.) You never have to be in the bathroom alone again!


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure did used to get lonely when I was sitting on the porcelain throne doing my business. I used to just wish that someone would come in with me and stare at me while also chattering non-stop. Well, now that wish has come true. Whether I am relieving myself, brushing my teeth, or showering I am never alone!


10.) PTA meetings are where it’s at!


Or so I’ve heard. My daughter is only three, so I haven’t actually been to one of those shindigs yet, but I heard that they are the happenin’ place to be for mommies!


So that’s my list. I feel like I am forgetting something…Oh yeah! Being a mommy is also awesome because you get unconditional love, unlimited kisses, hugs and cuddles, tons of laughs along the way, and joy each and every day of your life.

I want to send a quick shout out of thanks to another blogger, Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications, for giving me the idea for this post. I just read a post she wrote with tips for getting your blog noticed, and one of the tips was a Top List. As always, read, like, comment, subscribe, and pass it on!























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