Dirty Little Secret

dmI am going to let you guys, my readers, in on a little secret. Here it is: I am addicted to the show ‘Dance Moms’ on the Lifetime network. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about it, the show is a “reality” show based around a dance studio run by Abby Lee Miller, and her competition team, made up of seven girls who range from around the ages of 7 to 14. Abby is an incredibly talented teacher and choreographer, but her methods are somewhat unorthodox. Each episode begins with her doing the weeks pyramid, where she reveals which girl is at the top based on how she performed the week before. She is not shy about her favoritism of certain students, but even her favorites don’t escape her high expectations and somewhat mean comments if they are not perfect.

It gets better. The show is called ‘Dance MOMS’, afterall. The show depicts their lives in such a way as to have the viewer believe that the mothers spend a huge amount of their time at the studio to the exclusion of outside jobs, spouses, and even other children who do not dance. They make costumes, and watch their girls rehearse, but mostly they just bicker, cause drama, and start fights with Abby. Each mom wants her own child to be on top (who wouldn’t right?) and they are constantly fighting with Abby if she puts their child down or if their child doesn’t get featured as a dancer. They are all supposedly “best friends”, but have all stabbed each other in the back numerous times, with the exception of the fair and square Holly.

Now you want to watch, don’t you? I don’t know why I enjoy being outraged at both the ridiculous drama between the moms and the fact that they keep coming back for more, but I do. I can’t imagine ever putting my child into a situation where she is constantly being belittled, yelled at, and compared to her best friends. I can’t imagine allowing her to miss many hours of school and going away every single weekend to compete. That being said, these girls are amazing. If I wasn’t drawn into watching the drama I would certainly be drawn into watching the little ladies perform. All evilness of the mothers and teacher aside, together they have created girls who are sweet and charming in addition to being enormously talented dancers.

So, there you have it. I am a Dance Moms addict, and I plan to continue watching the show. Oh, and Dave will deny this to his grave, but I know he is paying attention when I watch it!


2 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secret

  1. I must agree, I also love dance moms. Fully agree with everything you say. As i am from Australia I have to watch it online. At the moment my computer is broke so I have to wait a couple weeks till I get it fixed and then i can start to watch it again.

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