The Perks of Having a Daughter

One of the perks of having a girl is that they are so easily embarrassed. That sounds kind of mean, but it’s all in good fun. Leah is a bit young, but I am already plotting some ideas, such as showing her first boyfriend her baby pictures. Of course, by the time I let her date she will be thirty-five, so it may not have quite the desired effect. 

I will never forget the first time that my mom truly embarrassed me in public. I think we were in Kmart or one of those other department stores. We were shopping for clothes, and apparently I was taking too long. So, what did my mom do? She started barking like a dog! I couldn’t put down whatever I was looking at fast enough! At the time I was mortified, but looking back it is now one of my favorite memories. It also may explain why I need so much therapy (just kidding, mom!)

Later on in high school when I started dating Dave, my mom and step-dad would hide small objects in his shoes. Of course, what they didn’t know (or kind of did, but didn’t really want to know) was that while they were having their fun with his sneakers, we were making out down in the basement. Parents-0, Me-1. 

My friends all knew my mom since she was (and still is) a teacher at my high school. They all thought she was pretty cool, and there wasn’t much she could do in front of them that would actually embarrass me, so she mainly saved it all up for shopping trips. 

It hasn’t stopped now that I am an adult either. She loves telling the story of when she took me shopping at the maternity store and the saleslady told her that she looked too young to be a grandma. 

“Oh, thanks.” she replied. “Of course, my daughter is only twelve!”

I was in the fitting room, but I am pretty sure people out in the main mall heard me go “MOM!”

So, there you have it. Some of my funniest memories are of my mom trying to embarrass me. Even though I was a teenager, it taught me from a young age the art of being able to laugh at myself and not take myself too seriously. That is a skill that I carry with me to this day, and I can’t wait to instill it into my own child. 


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