Why My Car is So Messy

It has recently been brought to my attention (thank you, Dad!) that my car is atrocious. I had to take Leah’s car seat out today so that my step-mom could use it while babysitting for me. Underneath where her seat normally sits was a thick layer of multicolored crumbs. The floor in the back is littered with dirt, wrappers, empty cups and dirty toys. On the other back seat there are two dirty looking blankets (for Leah’s legs when it’s cold!) and a magnadoodle that has seen better days.

Moving up front you will find a half empty coffee cup in the cup holder. Dust covers the dashboard, and there are more crumbs, pebbles and dirt on the floor. On the passenger seat there is always at least one textbook and several papers. There is a little space in the door that houses used napkins until I remember to throw them out.

So, now that you are thoroughly grossed out, let me explain. I could blame it on having a three-year old, or being busy with school. I could even say its because it’s too cold out to go and clean out my car. But the real reason is that I am neat freak and have every other aspect of my life organized to a T. My house is immaculate, always. The laundry gets put away with everything in it’s designated spot, as do dishes and Leah’s toys. I vacuum and sweep almost daily. I can’t leave a dish in the sink for long, and I am constantly wiping down the counters. I have a calendar where I write everything down so that I never forget an event.

For school I keep a three subject notebook with pockets in between the subjects, for handouts. I take notes for each class always in the same section. I put everything I will need into my book bag the night before.

So, I just can’t explain why I must have one space that is not crazy neat and organized, but I just do! Have you ever seen that episode of Friends where Chandler is living with Monica and is determined what she finds out in a locked closet? He finally manages to open it, and finds it chaotically jammed with junk. Well, my car is my junk closet! Eventually I will clean it and vacuum it out. But then, it will be messy again a week later. 🙂



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