The Cure For Feeling Old

I know that if you are 25 or over, you are going to groan at this, but as my 24th birthday approaches I am beginning to feel old. Not like I am read to join a senior center old, but I am just noticing how quickly life passes by and how quickly my child has grown. It was causing me to reflect a lot on the things I haven’t accomplished yet, rather than the things that I have done.

As much as I love being a student, I had thought that I would be done with college and working at some awesome career by the time I hit 25. I figured I would have traveled to my heart’s content and that I would be making awesome money, buying a house and just thinking about getting married. Well, at least I am married, right? Although I had my daughter young, I still hoped to have most of these things by now.

Dreading turning another year older without having met many of my goals was getting depressing. Hence my post about  not really feeling like an adult the other day. It all changed, however, when I went to the indoor water park the other day.

For several weeks my step-dad had been telling Leah that he would take her there when I went back to school. I pouted a little bit, saying that I wanted to go, too, and so he decided that we would go on one of my days off. We made the plan for this past Thursday and I was totally psyched. What I didn’t know was that my mom would be joining us and that it would turn into an epic girl’s day of fun!

My mom played hooky from work and my step-dad sent all three of his girls as a birthday gift to my mom and I (her birthday is the day before mine). Leah was so ecstatic that she woke me up that morning at 6:45, asking if it was time to go yet!

The day was a smashing success, and just what I needed to get out of my funk. Somewhere around my tenth lap of the lazy river I concluded that I am really lucky to have the things in my life that I do have; my amazing husband, my beautiful daughter, supportive and loving parents, a home that may not be our dream home, but is ours.

It’s also never too late. If I, at the age of almost 24 can have just as much fun at a water park as my three-year old daughter then I think I will still enjoy visiting Italy at the age of 40. I will work just as hard at school in my later 20’s, and have a great career by the time I am 30. We will own our dream home someday, and until then we will enjoy the home we have, because it is a place that we worked hard to get to, and it doesn’t matter where we are as long as we are together.


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