Terrible Twos, You Got Nothin’ on Three!

Let me first say, that I absolutely love and adore my daughter.

At this moment, however, I am extremely frustrated with her. It’s not been a good day. It started out fine. She came out while I was washing dishes this morning and hugged me as usual. I got her breakfast, and things were fine. But then I committed an unholy, unforgivable sin. I babysat my six month old niece.

According to Leah, holding a baby means I don’t love her anymore. I also need to “stop babysitting babies all the time!” This was the second time I have babysat my niece, ever, by the way. When I refused to put the baby down in her carseat to hold my three year old instead, she had a total meltdown. She wound up in her room throwing stuffed animals everywhere and knocking over a lamp. Now, I give her her space to throw her fit and ignore it, but breaking shit is crossing a line, and she got in trouble for that. She finally calmed down when my sister came to pick up the baby. The rest of the day went smoothly. Until I committed another sin.

I told Leah at dinner to chew with her mouth closed and sit all the way in her chair to avoid dropping her food all over the floor. I know, I am horrible. This elicited more tears, and yet again “you just don’t love me anymore.” It didn’t escalate, though, until after dinner when I actually asked Leah to pick up her Barbies, which were all over the family room. She refused, angrily, and so Dave took them away. My daughter is now in her room, sent to bed early, and still carrying on and screaming and  yelling about how mad she is. All because I asked her to clean up after herself.

I don’t remember the “terrible twos” being terrible at all. But this, this just sucks. While today’s level of all out tantrum is not typical, the drama has become the norm here. I am feeling so down, and wondering if I have done something wrong to make my girl think I don’t love her? Or something that is making her so unhappy that she has this attitude with me every day?


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