Happy Valentine’s Day

Dave and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day as a rule. Both of our birthdays are within two weeks and it gets to be too much. Plus, we like to make it a point to always do little things to show our love for another, and we don’t need a special day to do it on.

However, that does not mean that I can’t celebrate with my little best friend! This morning Leah and I got dolled up for each other. I put on a red shirt and socks and curled my hair. Leah is in an adorable red dress with tights that have hears on them, and I gave her a special hair-do as well.

We spent the morning baking red, heart shaped sugar cookies. Then we made old-school paper Valentines for all of her grandparents and her uncle. 

It was so much fun to take a silly holiday that I don’t normally acknowledge and use it as an excuse to make an extra special mommy-daughter day with my girl. She certainly deserves it. She has been so much better at controlling her temper this week and everything has gone more smoothly.

I hope that you all have an awesome Valentine’s Day, too!


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