Where do I start?

Well folks, after all the time I have spent complaining about how hard it is to go to school and still be a mom I have decided to keep going and get my bachelor’s degree. And then, I will likely move on from there and get a master’s. I just need to do it. I know I will feel so proud of myself for not giving up on my pursuit of higher education.

This evening I set about the task of starting the paperwork that goes along with transferring to a new school. I filled out my financial forms, and then started the application for admissions. I filled out all of my general info and everything was going along swimmingly (that’s right, swimmingly!) until I realized that I have to write an essay.

“What’s the problem? You are a fabulous blogger and a great writer!” you say (I hope, hehe). Well, the thing is that I am really pretty rusty when it comes to essay writing. A blog is more like a journal entry in that I write whatever the hell comes to my mind and it has no specific format. Plus I can throw in a picture for your viewing pleasure if I feel like.

For school, I have been so focused on law classes that I really haven’t written an essay at all in the two years I have been going. I have had to draft petitions, complaints, legal briefs, and other legal documents, but no essays.

I vaguely remember this diagram from high school with an upside-down triangle, some rectangles and a right-side up triangle (shout out to Ms. Kirkpatrick- see, I learned something!) But I really don’t know where to start. They want to know my educational background and my personal goals which are both, to say the least, a jumbled up mess. I have been to three different schools, studying three different things since high school. And all of that was after giving up on the one dream I really thought I wanted!

See how vague that last paragraph was? I am afraid that is how my entire essay will sound. Looks like I will need to sleep on this. Wish me luck!


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