Only The Best For Our Patients!

My girl, all comfy and tucked in at urgent care.

My girl, all comfy and tucked in at urgent care.

So yesterday I had to take Leah to urgent care. It was nothing serious, but she had a uti about a month ago and I caught it because she was having accidents. When she had an accident yesterday I decided to take her just to be safe.

Every time I take her there, it is like she is a celebrity (you all remember the screw in nose incident from last year). As they brought us back, the nurses in the hallway were all complimenting her, from her cute furry boots, to her adorable golden pigtails. And she would turn back to each one and say, “Thank you!”

The first nurse took all of her information to get us registered, all the while Leah talking his ear off. Then another nurse came in and asked if Leah would like some water. She would. So the nurse gets her a cup of ice water and presents her with an extra special bendy straw. Then another nurse comes in to bring us a specimen collection kit (at this point I realized we had so many different nurses because they all wanted to chat with Leah!)

After we did what we had to do, nurse #2 came back in and Leah was laying back on the table as though she were sunbathing or something.

“Do you need a pillow?” the nurse asked.

“Yeah,” Leah replied. “And a blanket, too!”

At this point I was cracking up at the fact that my kid had three separate nurses wrapped around her little finger. Then the nurse comes in with a pillow and a WARMED UP blanket. She tucked it in around Leah making her all cozy.

“That’s good.” Leah said.

“Only the best for our patients!” the nurse replied.

Of course, Leah charmed the doctor as well. He declared her to be the “cutest kid I’ve had in here all week!” As we left down the hallway of nurses, Leah waved goodbye to her adoring fans. Gosh, I love this girl!


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