When did it become okay…

to be disrespectful to teachers? I know that I am at community college with a mix of people from all walks of life, but really! In my eyes it is almost never okay to leave your phone on and get up and leave the classroom to take a call. It is disruptive to the other students and downright rude to the person who is teaching the class. How would you feel if someone just got up in the middle of you talking to them, without saying a word, and took a call? The ONLY, and I mean only, time that this is even remotely okay is if you have some sort of emergency going on at home and you have already let the professor know that you may have to take a call. Trust me, if you give him/her the courtesy of asking they will not only permit it, but respect you all the more.

Secondly, what’s with coming in late all the time? I can see if there was an accident and you got stuck once in awhile. But all the time? And if you are coming in for the last ten minutes, why bother at all???

This drives me insane. You would expect this of the more immature, just out of high school crowd, but sadly it’s not just them. It’s everyone.

Learn some respect people. Rant over.


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