Occupation: Mommy

Job Title: Mother of one (this an entry level position)

Salary: Unlimited income potential, as long as you don’t mind being paid in unconditional love, kisses, hugs, joy, and contentment.

Benefits: No personal days or sick time, however if you are sick you may come to work in your pajamas.

Hours: 24/7, even on vacation, but it’s okay, you will love this job!

Opportunity for advancement: Plenty! You can decide when you’re ready to be promoted to mother of two, and so on. There is never a limit, and you get a salary raise with each step up!

Job Description: Bathe, feed, change, hold, cuddle, kiss boo-boos,  banish monsters under the bed, read stories, play, do crafts, give hugs, wipe tears, wipe boogers, wipe butts (there is a lot of wiping, but it’s worth it!), go on adventures (sometimes without ever leaving the living room) play toys, watch cartoons, give advice, etc. The job changes as the child grows and some times may be more demanding than others. This job is not for you if you are not willing to be flexible.

So… would you apply?


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