Confessions of an Eclectic Music Lover

My ipod is like a mixed up teenager. The only difference is that it will never figure out who it wants to be, and I am okay with that. I listen to everything from Elvis, The Beatles, and Janis Joplin to Rush, Queensryche, and Aerosmith, to Switchfoot, P!nk, and other Top 40 music. I also love classical music, and as a former ballroom and latin dancer I will listen to anything you can swing-dance, tango, or salsa to.

Here’s the confession part: I rarely censor what I allow my daughter to listen to. Another blogger recently mentioned how his kids are obsessed with Ke$ha and it really got me thinking about all of the innappropriate things my child hears in the name of a good beat. Leah likes Ke$ha, too, by the way, but her ultimate favorite (as is mine) is P!nk (what is with artists putting symbols in their names?). All of the past albums have been favorites for us to jam to in the car and dance around the house to.

Even when Leah started singing “slam, slam, oh hot damn” all the time, I would just smile inwardly and think “well, not the most appropriate, but she just likes it because it rhymes!”

That was until P!nk’s new album, “The Truth About Love” hit stores, and my ipod. Prior to this album the only t hing off-limits on that thing was Eminem (which I am very selective about. I only like him paired with other artists. Think ‘Lighters’.) Now, I have this amazing album by our mutual favorite singer, and yet I can only listen to it when Leah is not with me. It sucks, but as much as I am liberal about her listening habits, I can not in good conscience let her listen to lyrics such as “I’m not a slut, I just love love!” And I am really not ready to explain to her what a “Walk of Shame” is.

I would, however, like to thank Mommy Man for mentioning his children’s love of Ke$ha. Before I read that I was always afraid to admit my lack of censorship to other parents, thinking I was alone in this. I am glad to know that other parents allow their kids to rock out to what they love. While I have to be a little more careful at the impressionable and hears-everything age of three then I was at say, two, I still plan to expose my child to many different artists and genres in hopes that she will share in my crazy, eclectic taste.


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