The Art of Creating a Tradition

I have always loved traditions. My mom and step-dad still laugh about how we once brought chinese food to the drive-in movies and I proclaimed it a new tradition! After that, every time we went I insisted that we needed chinese, much to their chagrin.

Dave also became the victim to one of my crazy traditions during the holidays this year. The past few years he had worked in retail and there were nights with extended holiday hours where he wouldn’t be home until late. During those nights I would put Leah to bed and then watch horribly tacky holiday movies on the Lifetime channel. This year Dave was out of retail, but I insisted that I needed my Lifetime Christmas movie! I recorded several, telling him he would have to take his pick. Eventually, I just woke up early one morning and watched one in bed before Leah got up, not wanting to subject my poor husband to this particular tradition of mine.

I don’t think my mom, for all of her making fun of my tradition addiction, realizes that I got this from her. She is the one who made every Monday, after separating from dad, “Sleep with Mommy Night”, even making my step-dad sleep on the couch when they first moved in together. She also instituted carpet picnics, where we spread out a blanket and ate junk food for dinner, while watching a chick flick. More recently, she has decided that twice a year we need coffee and donuts to honor my grandfather on his birthday and the date of his death.

Even if I do something fun one time and declare it a new tradition, I wouldn’t change it for the world. The traditions my mom started growing up are some of my best memories, and I plan to pass some of them down to Leah. It makes life fun and interesting, and I see no reason why tradition should be only a thing held dear during the holidays.

P.S blogging about traditions? New tradition!


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