Sharp as a Tack

I have a great-great aunt, Aunt Sim, who is ninety-six years old. As if that is not amazing enough, she is also in very good health. Several years ago she had a problem with her throat and has had to use a feeding tube ever since. Against all odds, that did not even slow her down. Her mind is still so sharp, and she has all the best family stories and knows so much family history.

Aunt Sim doesn’t have any children, so she relies on her nieces and nephews to fill the gap. She lives in an assisted living apartment. She does not drive, and never has and she loves visitors.

I admit that I have not been great about visiting her. Time tends to get away from me. Several weeks ago my mom went to see her and she told my mom to ask me if I would be interested in her sewing supplies since I am the only one in the family who sews.

I called her up a couple of days later, feeling guilty that I hadn’t called her sooner. She couldn’t have company that evening as she was going to a party, but we agreed that I would come the next day. I showed up and we had an awesome visit. Although she can’t eat solid food, she keeps a supply so that she can feed guests and then send them home with something. She gave Leah a bag of cookies, just like she used to give me as a child.

She mentioned that her sewing stuff was mainly for quilting, but that she wanted it to go to someone in the family and I am the only one who sews. I told her that I really want to learn how to quilt someday and that I would love to have her patterns and supplies and put them to good use.

Although she hasn’t quilted for years, she suddenly said, “You know…I have the top of a quilt mostly made. If I only had some batting I could show you how to attach it…I just don’t get out much anymore to go get it.”

Of course, I told her that I would gladly get her some batting, and the fabric needed to complete the border. I love that she found a way to get me to come and visit again soon. She is one crafty (in both senses of the word) lady!

I feel bad that I haven’t visited her more often in the past, but I now plan to make it a regular thing. The elderly are so often forgotten, but their pearls of wisdom and family gossip are something that should be treasured. In the hour and a half that I was there, she gave me three recipes, just off the top of her head. Now she is going to teach me how to quilt, something I have always wanted to learn. And I know that the quilting will take place over wonderful family stories and cookies.


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