I wasn’t here to make friends, but I sure will miss you guys!

My first semester back at college I was a loner. I was in and out due to the fact that Leah was in the daycare and I just wanted to get back to her. I had some breaks between classes, but I kept to myself. The same goes for the second semester as well. I wasn’t purposely trying to be anti-social, but at the same time I was not trying to make friends either.

That changed this fall when I met my friend Madelyn. Her outlandish behavior and say anything attitude quickly attracted me to her and we became fast friends. She broke me out of my shell a bit as well, and now I have made other friends and even had some un-educational conversations with my professors.

Madelyn also loves to torture me. She once told one of my favorite professors that I didn’t think the jeans he was wearing did anything for his butt. He never wore them again. She also gave that same teacher a ‘Be Mine’ cookie and told him it was from me. I have learned to laugh both at her and at myself in these situations, and now I will even give it right back to her.

For all the silliness, she also has a soft side and does things like bake me a cake from scratch on my birthday and bring it to school still warm.

Sitting there with most of my crazy group of friends the other day it occurred to me that we will all be moving on soon, to the work world or to other schools. I will miss sitting together and laughing. I hope that I come across these wonderful friends again someday, or that I can keep in touch with at least a few of them.


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